Transport Sydney Airport
Shuttle Bus, Sydney Buses, Trains and Taxis

You've arrived.   Now you want to get into the city or suburbs by public transport. Sydney Australia's Kingsford Smith Airport gives you some choices.

Australia beachfront sunbathers with bike Transport Sydney:  A beach break - sunbathing with bike

Information on services inside Sydney Australia airport.

Sydney Trains

The fastest way down town.

Train at station The fastest airport transport Sydney offers

Trains run every 10 minutes and take 13 minutes to reach Central Station. From there you can change to any suburban service. Central also links to the City Circle, so it's easy to reach any part of the city centre.

You'll find train stations at

  • the northern end of the international terminal
  • between T2 and T3 domestic terminals.

The fare from the international airport to the city is around A$16 per adult (same day return is around AUD$26) and $11 per child. You can pay by credit card or cash.

MyMulti passes are the cheapest and easiest tickets to buy if you'll be staying in Sydney for more than a few days.

Sydney Buses

Local bus stop Transport Sydney: Local Bus Stop

There is a timetabled bus service between Burwood and Bondi Junction which stops at International (T1) and at Domestic (T3). It's cheaper than the train or shuttle buses but it's very slow, stopping at every local bus stop.

So don't take it unless you have plenty of time and saving money is critical. Even if you're going to Bondi Junction, or Burwood, it's much faster to take the train.

Sydney Airport shuttle

Many Sydney Australia hotels downtown offer free shuttle bus transfers to and from the airport. Check when you compare hotels and rates.

Australian airport hotels often charge a minimal fee for shuttle bus transfers. Check when you make a booking. Also ask about their timetables. They don't meet every flight that comes in.

General (non-hotel) shuttle buses are mainly used for suburban and Australia regional transport. Sydney to Canberra buses also stop at the airport in the mornings. All these shuttles need to be booked in advance. Go to Sydney Australia Yellow Pagesfor details.

Limousine Transport Sydney Australia

Young man relaxing in a limousine Limousine Transport Sydney Australia

Pre-booking is the name of the game if you want your choice of limousine companies for transport. Sydney Australia has many to choose from.

Otherwise, Royale Limousines have two desks inside the international terminal

     North, towards the entry to the train Station

     South, towards the rental car desks

Sydney Taxis: Taking an Australian Airport Cab

Each terminal has a taxi rank which is patrolled and managed by airport staff. Cabs are not allowed to pick up passengers outside these ranks - there's a $5,000 fine for the driver who does so.

Hand showing very good, or excellent, sign Sydney Transport: Airport cabs are ok

Airport cabs are usually pretty quick in getting people away. In peak hours it's common in Australia to share a cab with others going in the same direction. The taxi rank manager will organise this. You'll still pay the normal fare.

Approximate charges for taxis outside peak hours (in Australian dollars):

  • City                $50
  • North Sydney  $65
  • Manly            $105
  • Parramatta    $135
  • Liverpool       $115

Expect to pay more during peak hours, as roads are more congested and traffic is slower. Taxi fares work on a combination of distance and time. Extras - above the metered fare - are (per cab) $4.10 airport toll plus any Sydway (bridge, tunnel and motorway) tolls applicable.

Sydney Australia Airport Terminal transfers

If you're transferring between the two domestic terminals - T2 and T3 - it's a short stroll and it's well signposted. The only wheels you'll need are the ones under your suitcase.

Transfers between International and Domestic require transport. Sydney passengers travelling with Qantas or Virgin can use their 'seamless' transfer service between the two terminals. Check the details when you book.

Otherwise your options are:

Sydney Trains:
The airport link takes 2 minutes and costs $5.80 per person (less for off-peak travel using Opal card). Trains run frequently between 0500 and 2400.

Airport Cab:
An airport cab will take around 10 minutes and costs between $17 - $22 (per cab).

T Bus:
A Sydney airport shuttle service between T1 (international) and T2 (domestic) terminals. It costs $5.50 per person and takes about 10 minutes. It's less regular than the train. Shuttle buses are frequent in the morning peak hours, then run half-hourly. They stop at 2000 (8pm).
The bus stops for the T Bus are:
  • T1 (international):  Arrivals Level, Bus Bay 21 near McDonalds
  • T2 (domestic):  Bus Bay 3 near Carousel 6