New Years Eve Events
at the Sydney Opera House

Its grandstand view of the spectacular fireworks is one reason for joining in New Years Eve events at the Sydney Opera House. Here are more.   Other New Years Eve celebrations in Sydney

Redhead with a 'Happy New Year' hat on Book early for New Years Eve Sydney events

I don't want to sound like a walking advertisement for the Sydney Opera House, but if you're in Sydney on New Year's Eve you really can't do better.

It's the place to be.

You'll be in the box seat for Sydney's spectacular fireworks, you'll see in the new year from one of the world's iconic buildings and you'll be part of one of the best-natured, most fun crowds you could hope to find anywhere.

Choose any of these New Year's Eve events - you'll find something to suit all tastes. Need more facts about the Sydney Opera House?

New Years Eve Concerts

Opera Australia's New Year's Eve Gala is a tradition in Sydney. Held in the Concert Hall, it's a night of greatest hits of opera, featuring Australia's favourite stars.

Dress up to the nines and mix and match it with the pre-gala dinner, the midnight party or both.

Looking into the Sydney Opera House at night Night time at the Sydney Opera House

The pre-gala dinner starts at 1730 (5.30pm). The concert starts at 2000 (8pm).

The first interval is timed to let you watch the "family fireworks" at 2100 (9pm).

The midnight party starts at 2230 (10.30pm).

Gala Concert
Premium / A Reserve / B Res / C Res
approximate price range AUD$220 - $400
Gala Concert + Dinner
approximate price range AUD$570 - $750
Gala Concert + Midnight Party
approximate price range AUD$470 - $650
Gala Concert + Dinner + Midnight Party
approximate price range AUD$850 - $950

Platinum Package
expect to pay around AUD$1000
A Platinum Package gives you the ultimate in New Year's Eve events: a ticket to the Pre-Gala Dinner, a Platinum Reserve ticket to the concert, a program, a glass of champagne at interval and entry to the Midnight Party.

Pre-Show Dinner and Midnight Party events are available only with Gala Concert tickets.

For booking enquiries call the Contact Centre on +61 2 9250 7777 or Email for more information.

New Years Eve Cabaret Packages

Meanwhile, inspired by a different theme each year, the Luminale Supperclub furnishes the Joan Sutherland Theatre with its New Year's Eve Events.

Said to be Sydney's most exclusive and intimate party, it promises sublime performances, sumptuous canapés, designed by one of Australia's highest profile chefs, and champagne and beverages selected by his restaurant's head sommelier.

Champagne cork The Supperclub joins other Sydney Opera House Events for NYE

Well known Australian singers provide live entertainment.

The action takes place in the northern foyer of the Joan Sutherland Theatre, giving you unparalleled views of the harbour and, of course, the fireworks.

The promise is uncompromising excellence in an indulgent and spectacular evening. It's cocktail dress and it runs from 2000 to 0200 (8pm - 2am).

All tickets are one price. Expect to pay around AUD$1000.

For booking enquiries call the Co ntact Centre on +61 2 9250 7777 or Email for more information.

On the Boardwalk, Sydney Opera House

They promise the best house party at the best house in the world!

Dance your way into the new year with some of Sydney's best DJs.

On Sydney Opera House's Western Boardwalk.

The western boardwalk, Sydney Opera House, looking towards the bridge Western boardwalk, SOH. Great for fireworks pictures.

This New Year's Eve event is one for the clubbers, curated by a new set of stars each year, featuring Australian and international stars.

The party starts at 2000 (8pm) and goes until 0200 (2am). If House is your thing, then don't miss it.

All tickets one price, upwards of AUD$700.

For booking enquiries call the Contact Centre on +61 2 9250 7777 or Email for more information.

Follow these links if you'd like to learn more about the Sydney Opera House architect, the architectural composition of its amazing shells or the history of Sydney Opera House.

New Year's Party Ideas for Families

If the Gala, the Supperclub and the House party can't meet the needs of all your group, consider the Opera Kitchen's New Year's Eve events.

The Opera Kitchen is a collection of different food outlets located on the lower concourse. And it does New Years parties.

It's a fantastic spot from which to see the fireworks and it may be better suited to a mixed group than the more formally organised entertainment. Doors open at 1830 (6.30pm).

Tickets are around AUD$300 per person. This includes a Chef's Selection Menu, but does not include drinks. Entertainment can include live music, interactive drumming, fire performances, body painting, roving stilts walkers, dynamic dancers and live bands.

More details from Opera Kitchen New Years party ideas or Email

Opera Bar Party with Fireworks Shows

There are more New Year's Eve events just along from the Sydney Opera House itself. This one is as close as doesn't matter. The Opera Bar is on the lower concourse of the Opera House with a direct line of sight to the Harbour Bridge and Sydney's world class fireworks.

Fireworks over the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge World class fireworks - be there

The theme varies each year.

The music is hot summer beats with live bands, DJs and roving entertainers.

It's an over-18s, predominantly stand-up dance party. There is seating but it's limited.

The hours are 1800-0230 (6pm - 2.30am).

Expect to pay north of AUD$300. Includes canapés, drinks are extra.

Party and fireworks shows bookings