Koala Bears in Sydney and Australia
Facts, Pictures, Where to See Them

Called koala bears, but really marsupials, they're been around for 42 million years. Yet today they're in danger.

Pictures and information on the best places to see them in Sydney.

Koala in eucalyptus tree eating a leaf

Koala Facts

Looking down from its tree Habitat loss is pivotal

Not a bear but a marsupial with a backwards pouch.   Australian koala facts, pictures and photos. Its food, habitat, evolution - and why we find it so appealing.

Baby Koala

Koala baby clinging to a woman's leg Baby koala

A blind jelly bean at birth, the baby koala promptly climbs unaided into its mother's pouch. Six months later it pops its head out. The life cycle of a koala baby from neonate to weaning.

Endangered Koala

A koala moving between trees Most vulnerable on the ground

Today's main threat to the endangered koala is us: our new houses, our cars and our large dogs. Pity about the wildlife in our way.  And then there are diseases. . .

The Koala Care Hospital

Ambulance for injured animals There's even an ambulance

Australia's only dedicated koala care hospital.   Inspiring stories and seriously cute pictures from a volunteer project to save Australia's favourite marsupial.

Getting Great Koala Pictures in Sydney Australia

Young man having his photo taken with a koala in Sydney Australia Sydney photo opportunities

Australian koalas and kangaroos - take all the koala pictures you want right in Sydney at a zoo or wildlife park.  One is especially recommended.

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